Staff of the Archives of the Archdiocese of New York: Kate Feighery, Archivist; Elizabeth Alleva, Assistant Archivist

Exhibit designed by Cindy Rodriguez, Lockstep Studio.

Special thanks to the many people who provided Holy Cards to be used in this exhibit, including: Amada Beltran; The Rev. Eugene J. Carrella, Church of St. Rita; Grace & John Feighery; George Horton, The Dorothy Day Guild; Barbara Kelly, Corrigan Memorial Library; The Library of Congress; The Rev. Michael P. Morris,  Church of Regina Coeli; Sr. Mary T. Naccarato, PBVM, Office of Youth Ministry; Ellen Pierce and Jennifer Halloran, Maryknoll Mission Archives; Pastor Terrence L. Weber, The Terence Cardinal Cooke Guild

Thanks to the Rev. Michael P. Morris, former director of the Archives, who first suggested the topic for this exhibit, and came up with the title.

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