Saints A-B

Saints: A

St. Adalbert Holy Card

1931, Germany

St. Adalbert

Born in Bohemia, Adalbert was appointed Bishop of Prague at age 27, but was forced into exile 8 years later by those who opposed his reforms. He was asked to return, but then again was exiled. He later traveled to Hungary, and then to the Baltic region, where he and two companions were murdered by pagan priests. He was buried in Poland, but his body was later moved to the cathedral in Prague.

Feast Day: April 23
St. Agnes Holy Card

1901, Italy

St. Agnes

Born in 291 in Rome, Agnes proclaimed throughout her life that Jesus was her betrothed. She was tempted many times by men who wanted her to be their wife, but her faith that God would protect her never faltered. Agnes was eventually condemned to death for being a Christian in a pagan community in about the year 304. Her bones can be found in the Church of Sant’Agnese fuori le mura in Rome and her skull is found at the Church of Sant’Agnese in Agone in Rome. She is best known as the patron saint of young girls, chastity, rape survivors, and the Children of Mary.

Feast Day: January 21
Blessed Angelo Orsucci Holy Card

1924, Italy 

Blessed Angelo Orsucci

Born in Lucca Italy, Angelus entered the Dominican Order. He desired to work in the Dominican’s foreign missions, and was sent to the Philippines. From there he was sent to Japan where he was persecuted for being a Christian. Angelus was burned to death in Nagasaki in 1622. He is known as one of the Martyrs of Japan.

Feast Day: September 10
St. Antoninus of Sorrento Holy Card

1898, Italy

St. Antoninus of Sorrento

Born in 555 in Campagna, Antoninus was a Benedictine monk. He was appointed the abbot of St. Agrippinus Monastery. He is associated with numerous miracles such as saving a child from being consumed by whale and protecting the city of Sorrento from invasion. St. Antoninus is the patron saint of Campagna and Sorrento.

Feast Day: February 14
St. Augustine Holy Card

c. 1800s, Italy

St. Augustine

Born in Africa to St. Monica in 354, Augustine of Hippo was plagued by temptation and lived a life of sin. Eventually he converted to Christianity and became a priest. St. Augustine was ordained a bishop and became a well known writer, theologian, and philosopher. Some of his well known writings are The City of God and Confessions. St. Augustine is a Doctor of the Church and is the patron saint of printers and the Augustinians.

Feast Day: August 28

Saints: B

St. Basilides of Alexandria Holy Card

1854, Italy

St. Basilides of Alexandria

St. Basilides of Alexandria is known as the Martyr of Egypt and the defender of St. Potomiana. He was a Roman soldier who protected Potomiana against an angry mob. He was later martyred.

Feast Day: June 30
St. Benedict the Martyr Holy Card

1894, France

St. Benedict the Martyr

Although not a lot is known about St. Benedict the Martyr, it is believed that he was born in the 4th Century, and was a soldier in the Roman imperial army. He eventually converted to Christianity and was martyred for his faith on the Bridge over the Menocchia stream in the city of Cupra, Italy in 304.  After his martyrdom, local Christians buried the saint, building a hidden catacomb, which could be accessed secretly. A plaque was placed on the martyr’s tomb that is still partly preserved.  After Constantine’s edict allowing Christianity, a small oratory was built on the saint’s tomb. 

Feast Day: October 10
St. Benedict the Moor Holy Card

1925, Italy

St. Benedict the Moor

Born a slave in Italy in 1524, Benedict the Moor entered a solitary community of hermits before becoming a Franciscan lay brother. He eventually became the leader of this group before being sent to work at St. Mary’s convent in Palmero. Benedict became well known for his piety and hard work. His name ‘Moor’ comes from the Italian il moro, the dark skinned. He is the patron saint of African Americans, African missions, and Palmero.

Feast Day: April 4
St. Bernadette Holy Card

c. 1930s, France

St. Bernadette

Born in 1844 in Lourdes, France, Bernadette was a member of a very poor family. At the age of 14, Bernadette began to have visions of Mary who appeared to her at a grotto in Lourdes. Mary appeared to Bernadette 18 times and it was not until 1862, that the visions were deemed authentic by the Church. A shrine was built at the site of the visions and numerous miracles have since been associated with that spot. Eventually, Bernadette joined the Sisters of Notre Dame and died at the age of 35. She is the patron saint of illnesses, poverty, shepherds and shepherdesses, and Lourdes.

Feast Day: April 16
Blessed Bernard of Baden Holy Card

1892, Germany

Blessed Bernard of Baden

Born in 1428, Bernard was born to a noble family in Baden in Germany. He gave up is nobility to work with the poor and used his own money to do so. Bernard is also known for trying to unify the various European royal families to participate in the Crusades to defend the faith. He died in 158 and was beatified in 1769. He is usually depicted as a knight.

Feast Day: July 15
Blessed Bernard de Hoyos Holy Card

1947, Spain

Blessed Bernard de Hoyos

Born in Spain in 1711, Bernardo entered the Jesuits at the young age of 15. He studied at the Jesuit Colleges of Medina del Campo and Villagarcia de Campos. He also studied theology at the College of Saint Ambrose of Valladolid. Bernardo exclaimed that Jesus told him that his mission was to have a deep devotion to the Sacred Heart and is therefore called the 1st Apostle of the Sacred Heart in Spain. He died in 1735 and was beatified in 2010.

Feast Day: November 29
Blessed Berthold of Garsten Holy Card

c. late 1800s, Germany

Blessed Berthold of Garsten

Born to nobility in the 12th century, Berthold became a Benedictine Monk at the Abbey of St. Blaise in the Black Forest in Germany. He went on to be the first abbot of Garsden Abbey. He died in 1142. Berthold was beatified in 1970.

Feast Day: July 27
St. Blandina Holy Card

c. 1900, France

St. Blandina

Born in the 2nd Century, Blandina was a slave during the reign of Marcus Aurelius in Rome. She lived during a time of Christian persecution. She was tortured and killed for her faith in 177.

Feast Day: June 2
St. Bovo Holy Card

c. 1910s, Italy 

St. Bovo

Bovo, or Bobo, was a French knight who fought during the early Crusades. After years of fighting he gave up being a soldier and became a hermit.

Feast Day: May 22