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Bishop Patrick Hayes delivering a sermon at a Military Mass in Battery Park for the Americans killed in France, May 31, 1919 (Memorial Day). A crowd of over 10,000 attended the service.

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Cardinal Hayes response to Col. Phalen offering his suggestion of Fr. Duffy to take over as chaplain for the 69th Regiment, after the war is over.

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A letter regarding the retiring of Fr. Joseph Dineen as chaplain of the 69th Regiment. Phelan asks Hayes for a recommendation, which would end up being Fr. Duffy.

Portrait of Cardinal Patrick Hayes

Portrait of Cardinal Patrick Hayes

Portrait of Cardinal Patrick Hayes

Cardinal Hayes (center) with Rev. Vincent Arcese (left) and Rev. Stephen Donahue (right) in Rome for Hayes' Consistory

Gov. Al Smith and Cardinal Hayes handing out Christmas gifts to Children

Gov. Al Smith kissing the ring of Cardinal Patrick Hayes

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A Holy Card picturing St. Therese of the Child Jesus, 1925, France
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