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Looking south on South Broadway from Getty Square along the Yonkers’ Welcome Home parade route.

CN Sept 3 1917 LR.jpg
Article from the Catholic News in 1917 regarding the early ordination of the men from the class of 1918 at St. Joseph's Seminary

14. St. Joseph seminary LR.jpg
Honor roll of the St. Joseph Seminary alumni and faculty who enlisted as chaplains in the First World War.

Seminarians parading outside of St. Joseph's Seminary

Regulator Diary 1918_001.jpg
This diary was kept by the regulator at St. Joseph's Seminary who took note of the daily activity. These pages recall the signing of the Armistice in 1918.

St. Joseph's Seminary grounds

1917 Regulator Diary.jpg
Schedule of music classes for the new semester in 1917. This was recorded in the Regulator Diary, a day to day account of the Seminary.

Advent Concert 1995005 (2).jpg
The Seminary and Festival Choirs singing at the 1995 Advent Concert, directed by Fr. Sorgie.

1937 St Thomas Aquinas Cover015.jpg
Program from the exercises for St. Thomas Aquinas in 1937. The Seminary choir sang for this.
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