Father Patrick Temple

Procession for the Golden Jubilee of the Mission of Our Lady of the Rosary

Procession at the Golden Jubilee celebration of the Mission of Our Lady of the Rosary.

Fr. Patrick Temple had been the pastor of St. Gabriel’s in New Rochelle, and on September 25, 1930, was reassigned to Our Lady of the Rosary. By this time, immigration from Ireland had dwindled so significantly that much of Fr. Temple’s work was for the parish. There were about 50 families in the parish at that point, and a large number of workers from the surrounding business. He was additionally responsible for Sunday mass on Ellis, Governor’s, and Liberty Island, as well as the Broad Street Hospital, the Marine Hospital on Ellis Island, and the military hospital on Governor’s Island.

It was under Fr. Temple that the quarterly magazine, Old Castle Garden, was founded, and he also oversaw the Golden Jubilee of the Mission. Fr. Temple renovated the church, creating a crypt chapel dedicated to St. Brigid in the basement. He brought over stations of the cross and statues from Ireland for the chapel.